Commercial Property

Protect Your Business Against Floods

You never know when a flood will strike, damaging or destroying your business. Protect your business property by buying flood insurance. Don’t let Mother Nature cripple your operations.

The federal government offers policies through the National Flood Insurance Program, which you can buy from our agency.

Flood Insurance Coverage Options

The program offers a variety of coverage options, which you can tailor to your specific needs. Commercial flood insurance helps protect both the physical location of your business as well as any assets inside. This protects everything from the building structure and any equipment to furniture, product inventory and other business assets.

While you can’t stop flooding, it’s important to calculate the risks of flooding where your business is located and purchase the appropriate coverage. Working with a Riddleberger insurance agent can help you find the right coverage options for your business assets.

Don't let a flood stop your business operations. Ensure you have the right commercial property coverage to keep your business running.

Inland Marine Coverage Options

Like flood insurance, inland marine insurance offers additional coverage for specialized business needs. An evolution of ocean marine insurance, inland marine insurance covers losses to either mobile or specialized property.

This insurance covers a very diverse set of assets, from building and medical equipment to arts and entertainment equipment. While the list of areas covered is too varied to list, your Riddleberger insurance agent can work with you to determine which parts of your business would be eligible for inland marine coverage.

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