Umbrella Insurance

Coverage For Life’s Unexpected Emergencies

You may think you’re covered with your homeowners and auto insurance, but what if you exhaust those limits in a large claim? You may need some additional coverage. In those cases, you’ll want the protection of umbrella insurance.

This insurance provides the extra liability protection you need if you’re sued for damages that go beyond your liability limits. This policy acts as additional coverage to help you pay what is owed in a liability claim.

Who Needs An Umbrella Policy?

In order to protect your assets, consider buying an umbrella policy. If any of the following apply to you, it may be good to add the coverage, according to

Do you:

  • Own a home or other property?
  • Have a large amount of savings or assets?
  • Travel abroad, where you may have liability claims filed against you?
  • Own dogs, trampolines, pools, etc.?
  • Own rental property and serve as a landlord?
  • Coach or volunteer with youth sports?
  • Serve as a leader or director with a nonprofit?
  • Post reviews of products and businesses online and/or on social media?
  • Hunt, surf, ski or do other activities where you could injure someone else?

Make sure you're prepared for any large liability claims that exceed your homeowners, auto or other coverage with an umbrella policy.

By adding an umbrella policy, you are providing extra protection that will help to secure your savings and assets. While you don’t know what the future holds, having an umbrella policy will help ensure you have the coverage you need to deal with most situations.

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